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now. you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2 news at 6. pour what impact will the storm have for parts of our state? straight ahead. breaking news out of the northwest. a fire. one person is dead in a house fire. and a woman admits to police that she killed her own child. she even tells them why she did it. but we begin with breaking news out of northwest baltimore. >> firefighters are still trying to figure out what started this fire. abc 2's jeff hager is live in the glenn neighborhood, north of the race course, with details. >> reporter: fire investigators are still on the scene, trying to find out what caused it. but a number of homicide detectives also have joined them, and police detectives here on the scene, trying to figure out what has happened. a house fire today that left one woman dead. her body found downstairs. we know earlier today, someone
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noticed smoke coming from that house and they called 911. shortly thereafter, firefighters arrived and they discovered the first floor fully engulfed in flames. the fire was climbing into the second floor. >> they gained entry, performed a rapid attack on the fire. some of the fire extended up to the second level. it was all extinguished. other firefighters went into the basement to assess fire conditions in the basement, when they found an unconscious woman. she had expired. exactly what caused her death, we don't know at this point. >> reporter: at this point, of course, the victim has not been identified. we are told by neighbors here in the surrounding area that a woman and her daughter live in that home. their just moved in about four months ago. and there's also some suspicion, questions starting to be raised. they say each day the daughter
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left the house in a white mustang. that white mustang was spotted in the alleyway behind this home just a short while, maybe 20 minutes, before the report of the fire came out. at this point, we don't know if it's the mother or the daughter found inside. that person hasn't been identified. but they're continuing to investigate this as we speak. reporting live in northwest baltimore, jeff hager, abc 2 news. and we are also tracking a winter weather advisory for some of the counties in our viewing area. you're looking live at liberty road. no wintry weather there. but we're preparing for what could potentially hit some areas. >> let's take a look at abc 2's most accurate forecast. wyatt is in the weather center. hopefully that's all going to just keep going right unthe philly, new york and boston. >> we'll have continued
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improvement in the weather in terms of precipitation, although our northeastern corner of our state, harford county, cecil county, kent county, still, wintry showers possible. just a little bit of mixed precipitation here. it's light. and it won't stick that well, because temperatures are still above freezing in this zone. but there will be one or two more waves before midnight. that's why cecil county is our one county with a winter weather advisory still. and wind concerns as the winds ramp up. you can see why. the storm is continuing to churn off ocean city. big powerful storm. tremendous snow. and, again, northeastern maryland could still catch the edge of this. a few wintry showers even in baltimore. but accumulations are going to be confined to the very northeast corner like cecil county. much more on what we can expect, straight ahead. right now let's go out to one of the maryland counties expected to see the worst of the snow that we may get in
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this area. >> it's all relative. we're not gonna get much. don't panic. christian schaffer is live in abington. >> reporter: i don't know if you saw the very end of my live shot at 5:30. the state troopers went screaming north on route 24. i can tell you that about a half hour ago, what they were responding to was a car crash, about two miles north of my location here in abington, where route 24 hits wheel road, before you get to bel air. we're told multiple vehicles involved in that crash. it's certainly possible that the wet roads played a role in that crash. state highway crews have not seen the need to be out salting the roads. they have been ready to do that all day. they've been posted along the highways, 95 and the other big highways and the interstates in the area. but they have not needed to deploy that salt. all we've seen so far is a light mist and pretty heavy rain at times. we're also seeing high wins. this is a storm that the state
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highway crews say they were ready for. they know it was never going to be as serious as it is no the north and east, places like new york and new england. but they had to deploy just in case rush hour got too slippery. in har ford, cecil county, maybe an inch or two. it doesn't look like the central maryland region gets much if anything. but we will, i know, we'll keep a close eye on it. so we just saw an ambulance roll by here on route 24 heading north. likely heading up to that accident. once again, we were told that multiple vehicles were involved in a crash on route 24 near wheel road, just a little south of bel air. crews remain on the scene. we haven't heard any reports of any other major accidents around the area, as people try to head home on this wet and slippery friday night. live in harford county,
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christian schaffer, abc 2 news. remember, you can always track the storm right from your smartphone or tablet. just head to and check out our weather app. annapolis police found a missing two-year-old they were looking for. >> the woman is in jail and the family is simply devastated. >> reporter: annapolis police found the body of two-year-old kassidey booth boost after midnight this morning in a trash transfer in jessup. police say the mother, 25-year- old chelsea booth, admitted to smothering her daughter and putting her body into a dumpster. booth did have other children living in the house with her. >> they are safe with family members, but obviously it's going to be something that they're going to follow up on. >> reporter: according to charges documents, booth said her husband placed a muslim curse on her, and her baby was possessed with an evil spirit,
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she said. she then told investigators she murdered her daughter by laying on top of her and smothering her. annapolis police had to search through more than 95 tons of rash that were to be loaded onto rail cars to be transferred out of state. the father has not been linked to the mother. police believe that the child was killed on monday or tuesday and the trash was picked up on wednesday. neighbors in the community can't believe ms. booth had interactions with a lot of children in the community. >> it's mean, you gotta think a the other children that was out here. i've even been up to her house and got my hair done. just to even know i had my child around her, it frequency me out. >> reporter: booth is charged with first-degree and second- degree murder and child abuse. in annapolis, don harrison, abc 2 news. >> booth is being held at the jennifer road detention center without bail. a teen accused of shooting a perry high classmate on the
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first day of school will be tried as an adult. attorneys for robert gladden asked to have him tried in juvenile court, but today a judge denied their request. police say gladden opened fire in perry hall's cafeteria on august 27. another student was shot. if convicted, he could face life in prison. a loyola student is recovering from bacterial meningitis tonight. doctors say it is not necessarily a cause for panic. abc 2's brian kuebler has the latest. >> reporter: they say the parents of this student who contracted bacterial meningitis don't want her condition or name released. she is recuperating here at the hospital. her infection was serious enough that the university sounded an e-mail to students, cautioning them about the symptoms. the communication by the
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university is strictly a precaution, because as doctors point out, the simple mention of bacterial meningitis should not cause panic. >> most bacterial meningitis is not catching, not catching. >> reporter: dr. charles hail is the chief of infection diseases here at the hospital. while not altogether harmless, most forms of bacterial meningitis are not nearly as communicable as people think, with the exception of one. it is unclear which form the loyola student has, but in a statement, the university said, quote, we do not believe this situation poses a risk to the broader campus community. but this form of meningitis can be transmitted between people who have had very close contact, like the sharing of drinking glasses. but even then, the close contact would needs to last more than a few minutes. being in a crowd won't do it and casual contact can't do it.
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>> generally household contacts, people living in the same house, eating together, domiciled very near each other, that would be the case. >> reporter: but even then, the patient would have to have the most severe type of bacterial meningitis, which many college students are vaccinated against before they even get to college. either way, as a precaution, doctors and the university are telling students to be mindful of known symptoms. brian kuebler, abc 2 news. bacterial meningitis can be severe. and while most people with meningitis recover, it can cause serious complications, including brain damage and hearing loss. symptoms of meningitis typically start anywhere from three to seven days after exposure. symptoms include high fever, nausea and vomiting, severe headaches and neck stiffness. if you think you have meningitis, you should see a doctor right away. well, he helped fuel the ravens' amazing super bowl win in new orleans.
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>> now torrey smith is helping fuel kids up at breakfast. what he stressed to the students this morning. >> he said eat your wheaties. why are more and more people staying away from facebook. and we'll continue to track this powerful storm as it continues to ramp up. and it's not done completely with maryland yet. we'll talk about your most accurate forecast, straight ahead.
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in your money tonight, if you are planning to claim an education credit on your taxes, you may -- you know, you now start on valentine's day, february 14, the first day that
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the irs will accept returns with the education credit reform. when the filing season kicked off, the irs was still updating its system, but it will be up and running by valentine's day. seems like everyone you know is on facebook. once my mom was on facebook, it was like jump the shark. >> you wanted to get off of it. but more than two-thirds of people in the universe are on the social network right now. >> but more and more people are starting to feel a little bit of facebook fatigue. >> reporter: there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. that's why more than 60% of facebook users say they've taken extended breaks from the social media site. and looks like that number is about to get bigger, according to a survey. 27% of facebook users say they plan to use the site less in 2013. look at their past behavior, 21% said the reason for the sabbatical boiled down to simply not having enough time.
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10% said it was a waste of time, while another 10% just weren't interested. drama and gossip were a deterrent for 9%. only a small number cited privacy concerns. >> it's too many people to keep up with. >> i think facebook has just gone really far to the left of what it used to be. >> reporter: but not everyone who leaves facebook comes back. pugh found that 20% of adults used to use the site. with the number of untapped facebook users dwindling, experts say it's key for the site to find ways to keep its members active as well as find new ways to make money off of them. can you imagine that? torrey smith shows up at your school. tons of happen students at chase elementary school after
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super bowl championship torrey smith swung by, fresh off that big win. he ate breakfast with students today. he visited as part of the fuel up breakfast program. >> it's an honor. i'm definitely happy to be in this position. these kids look up to me. to interact with them, that brings a whole new special meaning. so i'm happy to be that guy for them and be a positive role model, because being an athlete, it comes with the territory, whether you want it or not. and i'm one of the guys that embrace it. >> smith stressed to students the importance of studying hard, listening to their teachers and eating healthy. ah, oscar, welcome to baltimore. the famous statue is on a three- week road trip. it made a stop at inner harbor today. fans were able to hold oscar and take pictures with him and
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give acceptance speeches. one oscar fan put on her best cocktail dress to pose with the statue. >> i'm a big fan of the movies. i watch faithfully. my best friend and i have a tradition. she's from charlotte. we fly to be together for every oscar. we always make sure we can watch the show together. it's really important to us. >> very cool. now her friend has to get a picture like that. spearman was given bleacher tickets to the oscar's red carpet as well as a chance to go to the people magazine viewing party. you can watch the academy awards right here on february 24 at 7 p.m. and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> we'll start off with the broad perspective. look at the size and scope of this powerhouse winter storm. we'll take you right into the eye of the storm. new york city northward getting
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that winter mix. back here in maryland, just a few bands trying to reach into our state, having limited success. very light wintry-type showers. rain mixed with snow and sleet but very light. some of this changes to rain before it even hits the ground. air temperatures have been generally above freezing today. we could get light snow in cecil county but not much. where it's really making an impact, of course, points north. i want to show off once again this beautiful wintry shot from the home of the red sox, up in boston. looking ugly. it's just going to keep coming down there all night long. back here in baltimore, just damp. 38 degrees right now. winds will be ramping up through the overnight and into the day tomorrow. temperatures, again, safely above freezing until you get just north of the state line. in elkton, you'll be very close to freezing. we'll have to begin to watch
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out for slick spots, potentially freezing. some of the gusts are already up in the 20-mile-per-hour rain. it will continue to be windy for at least the first half of the day tomorrow. there's the center of the storm. again, a few wintry backside bands coming in. first one coming through. if you look carefully at the end of the loop, there's a secondary band up here in central pennsylvania and maybe just one additional band over lake erie. they will not add up to much. after midnight, we're done, clear, no more precipitation for our area, not even in elkton. just a few additional clouds on sunday as temperatures begin to warm up, breaking out of the pattern big-time as we go into sunday. but man, what a powerhouse storm. the center of the storm is now deepening and strengthening off the new england coast. that is some incredibly heavy
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snow moving into providence, boston. true blizzard conditions. travel in that direction, forget about it, as they receive upwards of 22 inches of snow around boston, eastern massachusetts, most of the state of connecticut, which faces the sea of course. locally, nothing like that. we're talking a half an inch or so potentially in the northeastern part of the state. tonight, cloudy, windy, with wintry showers mainly in the northeast corner of the state. tomorrow, 38, skies clear. but we're windy. tomorrow night, finally the winds definish. it will be down to 20. next few days, the moderating trend begins. we'll probably make low to mid 40's on sunday. then pushing 50. that's going to mean that our next weather system, probably the next two, will come in and just be rainmakers. so there you go. that will help wash away all the salt and surfaces they've been spreading salt on.
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>> lots of gunk. >> plenty of gunk. car washes will get busy around here. and coming up tonight after world news, stay with abc 2 for an all-new episode of the list. here's a sneak peek. happy, grumpy, sneezy, bashful -- we're getting up close with the seven dwarfs. coming up on the list at 7. later tonight, the 20/20 special "saved" tells the story of a little boy who survived a seven-day standoff in an alabama bunker. the special also features other survival stories and abouts of heroism. you can watch 20/20 "saved" tonight, starting right here at 10 on abc 2. irene, drop the itch.
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before we go tonight, here's a look at what we're working on at 11. >> owning a home is expensive, especially when something big goes wrong. we've got the answers for you. and we're working for you tonight, a story you just have to hear before you do your taxes. three red flags that can trigger an audit. those stories and a lot more when you join us for abc 2 news at 11. we're going to dodge the big bullet on this storm. >> absolutely. still, i have to watch out for
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slick spots, especially up here in bel air and elkton. but we'll be looking better tomorrow and sunday. that's it for us right now. we'll see you at 11:00.
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